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2018-19 Class Schedule


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Class Descriptions (Full Season Offerings):

Please find the descriptions of the dance styles offered at Edgewater Academy below.  Students are encouraged to study more than one dance style to broaden their knowledge and ensure versatility.

Kindersteps (Ages 3-4)
Kindersteps builds basic dance technique while developing creativity, musicality, and motor skills.  Classes offered: Kindersteps I, Kindersteps II

Pre-Ballet/Classical Ballet (Ages 5+)
A traditional form of dance with a vocabulary of steps that develop strengh, flexibility, coordination, and proper body alignment.  Ballet is an excellent foundation for all other dance forms.  Classes offered:  Pre-Ballet, Ballet/Tap I, Ballet/Tap II, Ballet/Tap III, Ballet IV, Ballet VA-B, Ballet VIB, Ballet VII

Pointe (Ages 12+)
Pointe is an extension of ballet for advanced students only.  Classes offered: Pointe I/II, Pointe III.

Pre-Tap/Tap (Ages 5+)
Tap uses the body as a rhythm instrument.  With an emphasis on fancy footwork and sound, tap develops agility, musicality, and precision.  Classes offered:  Ballet/Tap I, Ballet/Tap II, Ballet/Tap III, Tap IV, Tap V, Tap VI, Tap VII

Jazz (Ages 6+)
Jazz blends popular music and current dance trends with the technique of classical dance forms.  Classes offered: Jazz I, Jazz II, Jazz III, Jazz IV, Jazz V, Jazz VI, Jazz VII, Adult Jazz

Acrodance I (Ages 9+)
Acrodance is a fun add on to our jazz classes. This class improves flexibility, coordination and strength, as well as enhances the development of gross motor skills. Students will begin to excel at mastering tricks.

Modern Dance (Ages 9+)
Modern dance explores space and rhythm in innovative ways.  It involves a greater use of the torso and pelvis to initiate movement.  Classes offered: Modern I, Modern II

Hip Hop (Ages 8+)
An extension of jazz dance, hip hop dance incorporates the latest dance moves to hip hop style music.  Classes offered: Hip Hop I, Hip Hop II, Hip Hop III

Theater Dance (Grades 5-8)
A fun and expressive class covering the variety of dance styles used in Broadway theater choreography, which will develop jazz and theatre dance technique, incorporating improvisation, musicality, and performance.

Edgewater Dance Company

Edgewater Dance Company (EDC)


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